Audrey Wallace Oil & Pastel Paintings


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Monday ā€“ Saturday, 7 a.m. ā€“ 7 p.m.

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Most of my paintings are 14  x 16 or 16 x 20.  Prices starts at $350 unframed.   I do have some small 5x7 oil paintings that will run $150.00.  I do have a few of my paintings in prints.  Most prints run $35.00 plus shipping.  Email, text or call for details.  Thanks.

Most of my pastel painting are 11 x 14 and are matted, and are ready for framing.  These run an average of $200.

For specifics of a particular painting, please email or call.  Thanks.

Portait painting start at $200 for a pastel portrait.  Oils portraits start at $400 for an average 12 x 16 portrait.  Larger portraits cost more and it costs an additional amount for each additional subject in the portrait.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required.

I want to have consults during the process so that you will be happy with the finished product.  Hopefully, you will be very happy, but you will not be required to purchase it if you are not, but the deposit will not be refunded.

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